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Effective May 28, we are closing the Zafarano location, and we will continue to serve you at 5th St.
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Designer Eyeglasses
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Santa Fe Distinct Free Form lenses at Acoma Optical, consider the interaction between the lens and the eye. The power of each lens is uniquely calculated to compensate for eye movement. No longer is the Optical Center or the Prism Reference Point (PRP) the only optically correct point on each lens. Every point on the lens is recalculated to compensate for your eye movement around the lens and the corresponding angles between your eye and the lens.  
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Distinct User Power Lens by Santa Fe Lens
sante fe lens
A Distinct User Power lens is recalculated, optimized and personalized specifically for you for the highest visual acuity  for any prescription and any material.

Distinct User Power technology provides the best optical quality by changing the power on every point. The effect on a progressive lens is optimum vision in the far, lateral far, intermediate and near regions.
Conventional or Basic Lens
sante fe lens
A conventional lens does not take into account the dynamics of the eye. It is calculated using just a static design which is the same for every patient.

The wearer's visual experience is less than perfect. This lack of optical quality has an increased impact in the near vision zone and in the lateral distance area, reducing the visual quality for users.

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