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Effective May 28, we are closing the Zafarano location, and we will continue to serve you at 5th St.
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Eco Friendly eye glasses and lenses
Acoma Optical - a Green Pioneer in Santa Fe

"We've always been concerned about water and always recycled all our water, and made sure that our manufacturing practices were sustainable." The standard method of cutting lenses was with diamonds, which traditionally use a constant flow of water on the cutting surface.

In lieu of using water, Boddy's dad experimented with using bean curd oil. "We used that for many years and it was really something to clean up!" In the mid '90s we switched over to a dry-cut method of cutting lenses, which used air on the cutting wheels and tungsten carbide bits to cut the lenses.

For over 15 years, this dry-cut saved a countless number of gallons of water. Just recently, to increase precision, Acoma Optical has converted back to a water-cut, but we now use a special coolant in order to re-circulate the water. One of Acoma's employees suggested the cutting wheel milling's could be used as packing material for shipped items, so the discard material has been reduced to just a small amount of powder.

Reducing Acoma's environmental impact, through recycling and trash reduction, energy conservation and reducing toxic chemical waste is a high priority. Acoma was able to get rid of a trash dumpster at the Fifth Street store by considerably increasing our recycling. At the Zafarano location, Acoma moved into a more compact space to reduce heating and cooling costs and went to a three phase intelligent electrical air compressor, which kicks in on an as needed basis.

We're using a newly available, biodegradable chemical to clean lenses, reducing (other chemical waste) use to almost zero' says owner Brian Boddy. "The waste we produce now is 94% water, with just a little isopropyl alcohol, safe enough to pour down the drain".

Closing the cycle, Acoma collects old eyeglasses, which we either deliver ourselves to people in need, or pass along to the Lions Club. Lions takes glasses and cleans them, determines the correction of the lenses and re-distributes the glasses. Brian Boddy has been to Mexico several times giving out glasses. Of course, even in our own backyard, there's a need. "We donate so many pairs of glasses. Its important for us to give back to the community----- it's our city," says Boddy. Excerpt from the Green Fire Times October 2010 written by Beverly Miriam Post

Acoma Optical and Santa Fe Lens also use a large portion of lenses manufactured with 100 percent renewable energy setting the standard in industry leadership and corporate responsibility.

5th Street Office 1521 Fifth Street Sante fe, NM 87505 Phone: (505) 988-5321 Fax: (505) 995-1335

Acoma Optical proudly serves Santa Fe, NM. including the cities of Glorieta, Tesuque, Pecos, Lamy, La Cueva, Seton Village, Lower La Posada, Tererro, Chupadero, La Cienega, Galisteo and surrounding areas.

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